Waist Training- My Beginning

Waist Training

Waist Training after 1 Month

My gut has been my big problem area my whole life. I hate how it presses against my jeans then flips my waistband down or makes my shirts look like I’m trying to steal a watermelon from a grocery store. I’ve done the damn Spanx thing before but by the end of the night they would be half rolled down. I hate my gut so much that I even had liposuction done when I was 18 to try to get rid of it. It wasn’t until I started working at Three Muses Clothing and Candy Keane strapped me into one that I ever looked at my waist as feminine and sexy.

Since I started working at the store 3 years ago I have accumulated around 15 steel boned waist cinchers, corsets, underbust corsets and waspies that I wear at every party and convention we go to. I lace myself in and instantly I’m a 50’s era pin up with the wasp waist! It’s a fabulous look and feeling! Even though I wear them out all the time I never wore them religiously until about a month ago,mid October 2013.

For about a year now we have had women of all sizes, and I do mean all sizes, from a XXS-7X come in for waist training. My first thoughts were, go to the gym, but it wasn’t until a great customer of ours named Theresa came in about 6 months ago to start waist training that I took it seriously. With in 6 months of starting she went from a 2x to a L by just wearing her corset! I was shocked! Her waist is the perfect hour glass that I have been struggling for for years! It was seeing her amazing new body that led to me taking the plunge.

So at this point you may be asking “What the hell is waist training?” Waist training is basically wearing a steel boned corset or waist cincher 23 hours a day for a year. The idea is that as you tight lace it the three free floating ribs that you have at the bottom of your ribcage slowly get pushed in to give you an hourglass shape. While, there are lots of info out there on it I thought I would give my honest opinion and experience of what I’ve been doing.

I started a month ago using the black satin waist cincher from Three Muses Clothing which is what I am wearing underneath my Three Muses shirt.


What’s great about this corset is that it has spiral steel boning in it. The boning looks like a slinky laid out flat which means you can move in it easier but the steel keeps it shape and keeps you in. You never want to try to use a plastic boned corset for waist training because after one or two wears it starts to conform to your body. Especially if you’re plus size.

Now we have found that the material does stretch about an 1” but when it stretches it helps create a more defined hourglass shape. As long as you have the steel boning the corset will do its job.

Another thing I love about these particular corset is that they are laced bi-directionally. This means that there is a set of laces for the top and a set for the bottom that meet in the middle. This style of lacing allows you to easily adjust the top and bottom yet get the tightest cinch in the middle which is exactly where we want it. Then with the excess laces you just tuck them either up the middle of your corset back under the back panel.

Tomorrow I will post about my experience thus far and give some useful tips for starting. Thanks for reading my future laced up friends 🙂

4 thoughts on “Waist Training- My Beginning

  1. I was considering this myself… I’m a short gal with a short torso, so most corsets are too long for me. They tend to end up cutting into my hip joints. It would be nice to have a waist!

  2. So after a year, do you know if it the results stick, or do you have to continue it forever? I feel like it may be hard in summer…but it would be so awesome if it worked! I hate my stomach!

    • The results are supposed to stick because you are moving the three free floating ribs. I wouldn’t recommend doing it longer then that unless you are going for an extreme look. However, I found that its really comfortabel so I would be ok wearing it under regular clothes but probably not sleeping in it.

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