Experiences Waist Training

Plus Size Ariel

Example of the steel boned waist cincher I wear for waist training.

Now that we know what corset I wear and what waist training is I will tell you guys about my experiences so far.

The first week or two I just laced my corset with a light lacing that just took me in about 3” but made it so that I could get used to having something around my waist. My back pain immediately went away and my posture would have shamed Miss America. I didn’t really sleep in it yet because I was still getting used to having something tight around my waist. Just recently I’ve started wearing it to bed on a regular basis but that’s because I started tight lacing. I find that tight lacing (which for me is generally 4-6”) is better for sleeping in bed because if you move around while you sleep your body doesn’t twist in different directions which can be a bit painful.

I personally love being tight laced! It relieves any back pain and pushes my boobies up as well. When I take it off I find that I am still holding my stomach in and standing up straight. Of course, when I take it off I can see the where the corset was indenting my skin but that goes away after about 15-20 minutes. If you wear a tank top or cami underneath it helps eliminate some of the skin impressions and helps keep your corset clean.

As I’m sure you’ve been wondering now, “Can anyone tell that you have it on” and the answer is no. Unless I wear it on top of a dress or with a cute button up. Usually I wear it with a tee and jeans like in the pic. As you can see from the pic, its not very noticeable at all if even. I had one customer come in with his wife and they were looking at the corsets wondering if they could breathe or even be comfortable. FYI: I walk up and down the stairs in them no problem and I have asthma. I told them they were great and the guy said “Yeah, I’m sure your not wearing one!” with which I lifted my shirt to show him. Best foot in the mouth ever!!!! The one I typically wear has a front busk with hooks but we will be soon offering a nude waist cincher with no front busk and a side zipper for the more form fitting clothes.

As for the corset affecting my eating I’ve noticed a change recently when I started tight lacing. Now I did not get this physique but leaving food on my plate. I love to eat as my pant size will gladly show you. However, since I started tight lacing I don’t eat as much. Partly because my body can’t take in as much. I was at a mexican restaurant recently with my friends and I only ate half my meal! Half! Even if I have it lightly laced I find that having it around my waist is a constant reminder to eat less or better.

So what has all this training gotten me ( I know its only been a month but still)? Well I went from a 37” waist and a 2X corset down to an XL and a 36” waist! Also, I’m exercising more now too because you have to strengthen your back muscles so that they don’t become weak from the corset doing all the work holding you up. After I do back rows and Supermans (they are a back exercise) I keep working out because I’m in there and might as well go for it. Also when I work out I do not wear my corset. I like to be able to move about and I feel that a corset tight laced will inhibit my ability to do crunches and my back exercises.

Thanks for stopping by! Next time I will discuss what to do to clean your corset and sizing. Til then keep lacing 🙂

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