Dream Eyes Contacts

I was asked by Dream Eyes, http://www.dreameyes.com/ ,  to review a pair of their contacts. I immediately jumped at the chance to try them out because I’m always looking for good theatrical contacts to wear with my costumes. I’m always having trouble with contacts because of my astigmatism and dry eyes which make wearing them usually very painful. Also I have dark brown eyes that usually show through to the point where you can’t even tell I have any on.
The first thing I noticed about the Party Contacts Lenses, http://www.dreameyes.com/fashion-contact-lenses/party-contact-lenses , was the size. They are a larger, circle lens that go beyond the natural iris thus giving the eye a cartoon look. I thought they would be harder to put in but they were actually one of the easiest I’ve ever applied. At first, I used an eye lubricant so they would be nice and moist. Then I inserted the contacts and they went right in. Once they settled they were very comfortable to wear.
The contacts I selected were the Galaxy Violet Contact Lenses, http://www.dreameyes.com/party-contact-lenses/galaxy-violet-contact-lenses . They are a lilac circle lens with a sparkle design around the edges. The pupil was larger then my actual eye so you could see a ring of brown in the center. Also, while the purple showed up in flash pictures or up close it was a bit harder to see otherwise. Still though it was really cool to see what they looked like on with the camera flash. Next time I want to try some of their darker lenses because they will probably work better with my dark eyes.
I would have to say all in all that I was pretty surprised by how much I liked these. They were comfortable and easy to wear. Plus they gave me a cool anime look!

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